PACC Clients

dreamstime_xl_18927832Project Access Collin County (PACC) is a community referral program for those in need of medical care who are without insurance. Upon approval, patients will have access to primary care, specialty care, and hospital care depending upon the availability of PACC partners. In order to access these services through PACC, patients must be referred by:

  1. The County’s indigent healthcare program;
  2. An area hospital contracted with PACC;
  3. A physician (primary care or specialist) participating with PACC.

Clients must fit the following guidelines:

  1. Adult, 18 years of age or older;
  2. Resident of Collin County (must provide proof of residency);
  3. Uninsured (No insurance of any kind and not eligible for family member’s policy);
  4. Considered indigent if household income is under two times the federal poverty level. (Under one time the federal poverty level when referred by the Collin County Health Department).

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Clients are required to complete an application with Project Access-Collin County and be accepted into the program before he or she may participate. PACC clients are approved for up to one year or until their circumstances change, whichever comes first.

Note: Elective surgery is not included. Only care required for medical purposes will be provided under the PACC program.