Physician Volunteers

A few hours of your time could be life changing for a person. dreamstime_s_27375808
Volunteering with Project Access-Collin County allows you to donate care to the uninsured in a way that is organized, equitable and safe.  We will qualify and coordinate the donated care that you may already be providing, enabling you to help your uninsured patients as you would your insured patients.  We take care of all the details to allow you the freedom to focus on what you do best…healing people.

Patients in the local Project Access-Collin County initiatives will have access to medications, lab testing, diagnostic imaging and other ancillary services.  The Project Access system allows you to order tests, schedule hospitalizations, and care for your uninsured patients without extraordinary measures.  

Texas Charitable Immunity Act


Who Can Volunteer?
Health care practitioners in the Collin County area can volunteer for PACC, including:
  • medical doctors
  • osteopaths
  • physician assistants
  • nurse practitioners
  • hospitals
  • health systems
  • pharmacies
  • laboratories
  • imaging service providers
  • ancillary support including medical transportation and translators